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Artists' Credits

meet the artists that have made yanabells' streams and content possible!

Design Concepts

Yanabells original Design

Davi Cakke created the first official reference sheet for Yana's character! Their talent turned Yana's quick chibi design into a full fledged character~


Original Chibi Concept: Yanabells


Original Finalized Concept: _DaviCakke_

full model list

The following lists all of the models Yanabells has used on stream!


lewd yana 1.0

The first official model for Yana's Fansly streams~ This model was put together by Siromi on Booth using fellow Booth model artists' assets and retextured by Yana herself to fit her design. Full list of attributes can be found on Siromi's Booth account


yanabells 1.1

In May 2022, Yanabells was able to debut her first fully fledge 2D model through the combined efforts of NeopoSenpai (artist) and Erina_Kari (rigger)


Babybells 1.0

Model made and sold on Booth by the talented Lpizao. Retextures for BabyBells are currently under construction.


evil yana 1.1

To better represent herself in VRChat, Yanabells purchased the Rogue Fennec model on Booth from Sinrith. Yana retextured the model herself to fit the color scheme of her villain arc and thus, Rogue Yana was born!


Yanabells 1.0

In November 2021, TheUnreliableCleric  brought Yanabells design to life by creating her very first, custom-made model! Since it's rendition, Cleric has aided in providing several varitions of this classic model


Reality Yana

Where it all began! This is the first model that Yana ever used! Made with the REALITY App, available on Android and Apple devices.


evil yana 1.0

In June 2022, Yanabells debuted the first rendition of her Villain Arc. Designed, drawn, and rigged by the talented Komffi



One of the first meme models Yanabells ever received. Model cut by Agari and rigged by Gawrthox.

Since it's rendition, Gawr has aided in providing many variations of this model to include the PickleYana model

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