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Mod code of conduct

The following is a living documentation of the set code of conduct for the Yanabells' moderation team. The items covered on this page help protect both yana and the community while also ensuring that every member gets the same mod experience, no matter who is there to assist them.​

General Moderation:

  • Banning

  • Privacy Policy

  • DM Moderation

  • Parasocial Behavior

  • Rule of Thumb


  • Minors

    • Suspected

  • Verification Form

    • Missing information​

    • ID Required

  • Business Inquiries

  • Inappropriate Profile Info

  • Privacy Policy

  • DM Moderation Policy

  • Private Messaging Users

  • Fansly

    • Social Medias​

    • Rules

Stream Moderation:

  • Mod Calendar and Scheduling

  • Voice Call Policy

  • Strike System and Mod Notes

  • Timing out vs. Banning

  • Code word "references"

  • Rules of the Chat

    • CAPS

    • Mature audience

    • No Viewer count talk 

    • Treat everyone with respect    

    • Cursing is fine but don't over do it    

    • Don't be excessively Lewd    

    • No self promo    

    • Don't talk about persistent irrelevant topics    

    • Do not share personal info    

    • No Trauma dumping

    • No text walls 

    • No spamming    

    • Only talk about current Live streams   

  • Twitch Partners

discord Moderation:

  • General Guidance

  • Strike System

  • Banning

  • Reporting to Discord Terms and Service  

  • Username, PFP, and other Profile Discrepancies

  • Age Verification

  • Ticket Moderation   

  • NSFW Moderation

Fansly Moderation:

  • Rules of the Chat

    • Fansly Moderation buttons

    • No Hate Speech 

    • Age  

    • No Commands From Viewers    

    • Rude Comments

    • No View count talk    

    • Repeated messages

  • Banning​

Introducing new mods:

  • Applications and Decisions

  • Contacting and Confirmation

  • Training

  • Assigning Roles

general moderation

Gen Mod

banning policy:

When banning a member, the moderator that is banning the community member should see to it that the member is banned on all platforms. In the event that the moderator is unable to ban the member from a specific platform, they should speak with the Head Moderator to ensure that the member is banned there. 


In the event that the moderator is unaware of the member's username/handle on a specific social media outside of the one they are currently banning them on, they should make note of this in TLDR section of the Discord. 

All bans should be documented in full in the TLDR section of the Discord
TLDR should state the following information: 

- Full username of the member involved

- Quick summary of offenses
- Screenshots as needed
- List of social medias they have been banned from

Example TLDR Statement:

"Username#1234 banned from Discord due to violating Rules 2, 5, 7 and accumulating 3 Strikes. Member has not yet been banned from Twitch or YouTube (username unknown). " (Following this TLDR Statement, if a mod should find the username/ban the person, a follow-up statement should be made in reply to the original message)

Privacy policy:

When handling issues with members, it is never okay to discuss the conversations, situations, or decisions (collectively: events) that are had with other members. As moderators, it is for the best interest of the community to keep all situations between the user involved, the mod team, and Yana herself. If someone outside of the event ask questions or tries to learn more about the event, regardless of who they say they are or what their position is in regards to the person or the event, moderators are not to disclose information about the event to any party that was not directly involved in the event. Should someone insist on wanting this information, please reply to them with the following message:

" Hello, thank you for contacting us with this. Unfortunately due to our policy regarding privacy and confidentiality, we are not able to discuss our decisions when enforcing; Rules, Terms of Service or internal policies, with others not directly involved in the case. Thank you for understanding"

DM Moderation:

Moderators are NOT to attempt to punish, ban, kick, or otherwise make moderation actions based on events that occur within personal DMs between two or more community members. Things that happen within DMs may be mentioned to us as a warning of what to watch for when dealing with concerning behavior. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the parties involved to self moderate their DMs (i.e. establish boundaries and/or block the other user if needed).  If the DMs contain major TOS issues such as Hate Speech, Doxxing, Serious Threats of Violence, etc., then the moderation team can decide to ban the person in question when undeniable proof is provided.  

When dealing with interpersonal issues through DMs, it's best to remind the people involved that we can only moderate what happens in public spaces (i.e., Twitch chat, Discord channels, etc.) Anything else is out of our control and is up to the parties involved to handle accordingly. 


Private MEssaging Users:

In the event that a user needs to be Privately Messaged, it is best to avoid sending them a Personal DM. Instead, mods should open a ticket in to speak with them in. This method avoids cluttering the moderators DMs while also giving other mods a chance to aid them with the conversation if needed. It also gives the moderation team a readily available archive of the conversation if that is ever needed in the future. To open a Special Ticket, do the following: 

1. Go to #Contact-a-Mod

2. Click the blue "Contact a Mod" button


3. Enter rule numbers violated (i.e. Rules 1, 3, 7) and click Submit

Screenshot 2024-03-31 164714.png

4. Right click the spawned ticket and select Edit Thread

5. Change Thread name to "ticket-[username]"

Screenshot 2024-03-31 164358.png

6. To add the person to the thread: @username 

7. When adding user, include message with reason for contacting

Screenshot 2024-03-31 164317.png

When pinging the user in a private ticket, be sure to tell them they have 24hrs to respond to let the mod team know that they saw the message and understand. If the user does not respond within 24hrs, award them a strike and ping them again. Repeat this process until they respond or they have been awarded enough strikes to be banned.

Parasocial Behavior:

This type of behavior is categorized by "As a one-sided relationship that a media user engages in with a media persona." In this field of content creation, a certain level of parasocial behavior is bound to occur. When it comes to moderating parasocial behavior, what we should be looking for are signs of clinginess or over attachment towards Yana. This can manifest in many ways including but not limited to: constant requests or advances made towards Yana to meet them somewhere, continuously breaking rules or pushing personal boundaries placed by Yana, persistently and outwardly expressing personal info to convince Yana to be a part of their personal life or openly discussing fantasies about Yana within their personal life. 

Most parasocial people will keep their behavior to a minimum and do not need to be worried about. However, if the mod team begins to notice continuous and/or growing parasocial patterns, it is advised that a moderator reach out to the user in DMs and notify them that their behavior is inappropriate and breaks rules set in place by Yana to protect herself. It is important to remember that many people who engage in parasocial behavior often do not realize that they are doing so and thus, it is our job to try making them aware of the issues first. If, after attempting to contact and correct the individual on their behavior, they do not listen or show willingness to change, we ultimately will have to ban the user on all platforms to ensure the safety of Yana, the community, and the member themselves. 

Rule of thumb:

When in doubt, always discuss things with your fellow mods. Dealing with social issue means handling social problems for which there is not always a clear cut answer. Work together as a team and reach out to the Head Mods as needed to come up with a solution that works for everyone.




  • Suspected Minor

    • Hello, this is a moderator for Yanabells. We have come to suspect that you are underage. Seeing as this is a strictly 18+ server, we ask that you please open a verification ticket in Discord to verify your age. Failure to do so within 24 hours of this message will result in a ban. Thank you for understanding.

Verification Form:

  • Missing Information (copy paste the image)

  • ID Required (copy paste the text and image)

    • Hello! Due to your young appearance we are unable to verify you by your image alone and therefore require an ID verification in addition to the above. Please submit a picture of your ID in accordance with the guide below. We apologize for the inconvenience!


business inquires:

Hello, and thank you for contacting us! Please provide the following information regarding your request, and we will pass it along to Yana for review:

- Name of business or individual

- Subject title

- Details of request or proposal

- Any $$ involved with details, including tax, if applicable

- Duration and/or scope of request of proposal

We will reach back out to you once Yana has reviewed and accepted or declined. Please note: Yana typically does not participate in charity events or charity marketing. Thank you again for your interest in working with Yana. Have a wonderful day!

Inappropriate profile info:

Hello, this is a moderator for Yanabells in the Floof Pack Discord server. We have noticed that your name and/or profile contains subject matter which is inappropriate and goes against the rules set forth by Discord Community Guidelines. If this is not changed or corrected within 24 hours of this message, you will be removed from the server and banned. Thank you for understanding.

Privacy policy:

Hello. Thank you for contacting us regarding this problem. Unfortunately due to our privacy and confidentiality policy we are not able to discuss our decisions – enforcing rules, terms of service, or internal policies – with others not directly involved in the case. Thank you for understanding.

DM moderation policy:

Hello. Thank you for contacting us about this individual. I have made a note of this for future reference in case anything should happen within channels we are able to moderate. Unfortunately we cannot take action against or moderate what happens in private DMs as it is outside our jurisdiction. If these issues persist in the public spaces of Yana's server, please let us know, and we'll do our best to rectify the situation. Thank you for understanding.


  • Social Medias/Links





  • Rules

*Any rude comments alluding to racism, sexism, and/or homophobia, transphobia, etc will be an instant ban.

*Age is to not be discussed; do not disclose your age in chat or it could result in a ban.

*Do not command Yana to do anything in the stream as it could result in a timeout.

*Do not be rude in chat.

*Do not mention viewer count

*Please do not spam your message.

*There will be no IRL streams. Do not ask.

*Please know we can only give out a 10 min timeout or a ban so tread carefully.

*English only

Stream moderation

Twitch Mod

Mod scheduling:

A rough mod schedule is posted in the discord with every mods availability for streams. If for any reason your schedule/availability changes, let Yana or a Head Mod know so we can update the schedule

Voice Call Policy:

During Yana's streams, all mods that are actively moderating are required to be within the Moderation Voice Call. This is to help avoid any accidental over moderation, mitigate confusion, and to discuss issues as they happen in real time. If a mod is unable to join the VC during the stream, it is best they opt out of moderating that day to avoid any accidental miscommunications or errors. 

strike system and moderation notes:

When a member of the community has violated a rule of the chat, they are to be issued a strike by making a written note in the Mod Notes section of the user's Twitch profile. Small, one time violations can be overlooked. However, if the user is making repeated chat violations, particularly after being whispered/DM'd about it, then a strike should be noted on their profile in the Mod Notes. If a user has 3 strikes on their profile, they should be evaluated by the mod team and a decision on whether to ban them should be made. 

When deciding whether to ban a user for violations, take into consideration the following information: Time followed, number of messages in chat, general attitude when messaging. For example, if a member has only been following for a week, has sent 50 messages total in chat and several of the messages have been chat violations or, in general, very negative rhetoric, it may be best to ban the member.

Use your best judgement when making this decision. When in doubt, speak to the Head Twitch Mod. 

timing out vs banning:

  • During a live stream, it can be difficult to decide when to Timeout a user vs if you should ban them. If the user in question is violating Yana's specific chat rules (i.e., using all caps in every message) and you've deleted the messages and tried to contact them without any sign of them complying, then you should issue the member a timeout. In general, timing out during a live stream should go start at 60secs and go up over time as needed. If the violations are specific to Yana's chat and there are no other mods to discuss a possible banning, issue the user in question a full hour or more timeout and make note of the incident in the Mod Notes for future discussion

  • When to issue an immediate ban:

    • Member admits to being banned on other platforms

    • Member admits to being under the age of 18yrs old

    •  Direct violations of Twitch TOS

  • YouTube Terminology 

    • Hidden/hide user = ban​

      • When "hiding" a user, messages will still be viewable to mods and Yana but not to the rest of stream​

      • To avoid their messages still showing up on overlays and in Yana's chat box, also administer a 24hr Timeout

      • Hidden users will no longer be able to chat in streams after the night they are banned (messages will only be viewable to the sender)

    • Timeout on YT works the same as on Twitch

Code Word "References":

Mentioning Fansly or other NSFW websites is strictly against Twitch's TOS. For this reason, any comments that attempts to mention Fansly or the things Yana does on Fansly should be swiftly removed from chat. When these comments are removed, the Mod Notes on Twitch should simply read "references" or "user making comments which reference other sites" or other such rhetoric to avoid breaking Twitch's TOS when documenting the event. As long as it contains the word "references" all mods should understand what happened. 

rules of the chat:

  • No Caps

    • Members of the chat are not allowed to speak in all caps for several messages​

    • One or two incidents relevant to the stream (portraying a moment of shock, excitement, etc.) is fine

  • Mature Audience

    • All members of the audience should be 18yrs or older​

  • Don't mention view count

  • Treat everyone with respect​

    • Sarcasm is fine when appropriate. When in doubt, ask another mod for help​

  • No excessive cursing

    • Cursing is fine as long as it isn't overly immature or rude in nature​

  • Don't be excessively lewd

    • Light flirting and lewd jokes are fine. However, comments made with the purpose talking about sex or overly sexualizing Yana are not permitted. ​

      • "You're cute" = Okay"You're sexy" = Not Okay

      • Nut jokes = Okay; Talking about actually nutting on Yana = Not Okay

  • No self promo

    • Raids are the only exception to this​

  • Don't mention Irrelevant Topics

    • Members that are showing signs of "attention hogging" fall under this rule. If the chatter is not following a natural flow of the conversation and are generally trying to hold a 1v1 convo with Yana outside of the topic of the stream, they are in violation of this rule​

    • This rule also is for members that are try to mention Fansly on Twitch

  • Don't share personal information

  • No Trauma Dumping​

    • This includes heavy topics such as death, depression, and other constant negative posting​ in general

    • Messages should be deleted and, if the user is showing signs of mental struggles, direct them to this website: 

  • No text walls

    • Including but not limited to copypastas, emoji art, long winded and irrelevant stories​

  • No spamming

    • Members are allowed to repeat themselves twice if Yana has missed their message​. Any more than this, it is considered spam

    • Hive mind/chat mind mentality is immune to this rule

      • must be 5 or more chat members involved to be considered hive/chat mind​

  • Only talk about current Live streams

    • Similar to irrelevant topics, this is another rule to keep members from talking about Fansly​

Twitch Partners:

In the event a Twitch Partner violates a chat rule, bring it up to the Head Mods or Yana herself after stream. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MODERATE THEM. Twitch Partners have a direct effect on Yana's growth as a stream and there is a lot of politics involved when attempting to moderate them. It is best to let Yana deal with the moderation of Twitch Partners as needed. 

Discord moderation

Disc Mod

general guidance:

As a Discord moderator, your primary goal should be to keep all users safe and discussions relevant to their respective channels.  Always remember that your actions as a moderator reflect directly upon Yana and the rest of the moderator team.

Talk in #general should be closely monitored, as individuals here do not have to be verified 18+ to participate. If an individual says something that belongs behind the verification gate or is otherwise offensive or inappropriate, the message should be promptly deleted, and the individual pinged and reprimanded. 

Keep in mind that people make mistakes. While we try to make the rules simple and straightforward, users in the server come from all backgrounds and walks of life. We aren't here to punish or to be vindictive, we're here to keep people safe.

You should always make an effort to stay level-headed and speak plainly when correcting individuals. Keep your statements objective and factual, not opinionated.

Strike system:

There are two major striking systems to be aware of in the Discord: General Striking and NSFW Striking. 

General Striking

  • When a user violates a Discord rule, they are issued a strike (minor, one-time offenses may be overlooked on a case-by-case basis)

  • Each time a member gains a strike, a pink “X” role will be added to their profile

  • After the 3rd strike is made, mods should discuss whether a timeout or ban is appropriate for the situation/individual

  • If a ban is appropriate, utilize the banning procedure below

NSFW Striking:

  • When a user violates a NSFW channel rule, they are issued a strike

  • Each time a member gains a strike in these channels, a dark “X” role will be added to their profile

  • After the 3rd strike is made, the user’s “verified” role shall be removed, the “lost verification” role added, and a pink “X” role added

  • In the very unlikely event the mod team decides to return the “verified” role, a single further infraction will result in a server ban.



Banning should not be your first thought when correcting someone in the server. However, banning is an inevitable part of your responsibilities. If this is a first and second offense, refer to the striking system above. In the event that this is a final strike or the user has violated a major part of Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines (i.e. hate speech, doxxing, serious threats of violence, etc.) then the following action must be taken immediately:

  • Capture all applicable offending messages and context in one or more screenshots

  • Ensure any hateful or offending messages or images are then promptly deleted from the chat(s)

  • Post screenshots in #tldr-and-notes with the following:

    • Full Discord username

    • A brief summary of offenses

    • List of platforms the individuals have been banned from

  • Consult with other mods and/or the Head Discord Mod to ensure the ban is justified

  • Once a consensus is reached, inform the individual via DM that they have been banned

  • Apply the ban to the individual in Yana's server.

Ensure the individual is also banned on Twitch and Fansly (if applicable) by applying the ban yourself or asking the applicable platform's Head Mod to apply it for you. In the event that the moderator is unaware of the member's username/handle on a specific platform, they should make note of this in #tldr-and-notes in the Discord server.

Reporting to Discord:

In the event of a violation of the Discord Terms of Service, details of the infraction should be forwarded to Discord Trust and Safety for the benefit of the Discord Community as a whole. Follow the links below for more information:

- How to Submit a New Ticket to Discord Trust and Safety

- Discord Trust and Safety Ticket Form

- Discord's Terms of Service

Username, PFP, and other Profile Discrepancies:

In the event that a user joins the Discord and has inappropriate content in their username, profile picture, or bio on their profile that violates Discord Terms of Service or Discord Community Guidelines, moderators should reach out to the individual. Clearly state what the issue is, why it is an issue, and that they have 24 hours to resolve the issue before being banned from the Discord. See Copypastas for an example DM format.

Once the individual has been contacted, screenshot the DMs, and post them in #tldr-and-notes in the Discord.

Verification ticket:

When users are ready to verify their age within the Discord, they will open up a Verification Ticket. When this happens, they will be required to provide the following information:

1. Copy and paste this message:

I understand that lying about my age will cause my account to be banned and reported to Discord Trust and Safety for being underage in an 18+ server.

2. Their birthday
3. A
 photo of themselves holding up a piece of paper with today's date.

Members must have all three items to gain the “verified” role. Members may use a piece of paper, a tablet, a computer monitor, or any other form of IRL proof of the date the picture is taken. Any digitally altered photos or digitally added dates are not allowed. Photos should clearly show the individual's face along with the date.

Users may not only provide their ID/Passport in lieu of taking a current picture of themselves. This is to prevent minors from using their parents' ID to "sneak" their way into NSFW channels.

In the event that an individual appears to be under 18, request that the individual provide a picture of their ID or passport with all information covered except for their picture and birthdate (see #copypastas for an example DM format). The paper used to cover the other information should include the date for further confirmation. For example:


None of the pictures shared are saved after the ticket is closed. The archives will not record any picture or video data that is sent in order to preserve and protect the privacy of the members. Archived verification tickets will look like this:


Ticket moderation:

When responding to tickets in the Discord, it is important to always reply with a high level of respect, patience, and professionalism. Always remember that your responses will reflect not only yourself but the mod team and Yana as a whole. When in doubt, be sure to reach out to the Community Support Mod for assistance.

The use of GIFs and Stickers is prohibited, especially during the beginning stages of the conversation. This type of behavior is unprofessional and can be seen as both rude and intimidating to the community member that opened the ticket.

When answering questions in the tickets, be thorough and complete with your responses. Assume that this is the user's very first time using or dealing with the situation at hand and politely guide them through the process.

When members open tickets but do not speak in them, moderators are permitted to close the ticket after 10mins of silence with the note "Allowed time has surpassed 10 minutes." Please refrain from speaking in the ticket before the member has a chance to type. Always allow the community member to speak first. 

NSFW moderation:

NSFW content should only ever be in NSFW spaces. This includes images, text, and all other forms of media. Under no condition should Fansly or other NSFW topics be discussed in any of the regular SFW channels. While monitoring SFW channels, be wary of conversations that seem to be steering toward a NSFW tone. The intent is to step in before a conversation becomes inappropriate for SFW spaces.

Fansly moderation

Fan Mod

Chat Rules:

  • ​Mod buttons

    • At this time, we only have to option to time out for 10mins or ban​

  • No Hate Speech

    • i.e., racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. will result in immediate ban​

  • Do not discuss age

    • Discussing age will result in a time out. Users under 18yrs old will be banned​

  • No commanding comments

    • Any comments towards Yana with serious intent will result in a timeout. Continued infractions will result in a ban​

  • Rude Comments

    • First offense is a timeout. Ban if continued​

  • Do not mention viewer count

  • No spam messages

    • Members are allowed to repeat themselves twice if Yana has missed their message​. Any more than this, it is considered spam and the user should be timed out

  • English Only chat please


Unlike Twitch, Fansly does not have well established /ban or /user commands nor does it have Discord integration. Users are also able to join Fansly without ever having to create/update their @username. This makes banning members from Fansly post-stream incredibly difficult. In the event that a member is banned from other platforms, be sure to notify the Head Fansly Mod or Yana directly so that they can search for them in the following list and ban them manually if they can. There may be times that we are not able to quickly or efficiently ban them from Fansly as well. In this case, moderators will need to remain vigilant in chat and watch for possible comments relating to being banned on other sites. In the event that a member openly admits to being banned on Twitch, Discord, or any other social media specifically relating to Yana's channel, moderators should immediately ban the user from the chat. Otherwise, we just hope they get the hint and don't come back.

introducing new mods


Applications and Decisions:

During the time that applications are open, members of the Floof Pack community will apply for the position they think best suits them: Twitch or Discord. At this time, members will NOT be allowed to apply for Fansly moderation. Only moderators that have been on the team for at least 1 month and have shown great understanding of how Fansly rules and moderation work will be allowed to into being a Fansly mod. 

As applications are submitted, they will be posted in the Mod Apps channel of the Discord. All mods are encouraged to vote on the applications to voice their opinions on if they believe the applicant is a good fit for the position. After the application period is over, the Head Mods and Yana will sit down and make their final decisions on who they want to bring onto the team.

Contacting and Confirmation:

Once all decisions have been made, the Head Mods will reach out to their respective applicants (i.e. Head Discord Mod will contact Discord Applicants, Head Twitch Mod will contact Twitch Applicants, etc.) on Discord. The Head Mods will ask the applicant if they are still interested in the position and, if so, when they would be available for a meeting. Once arrangements have been made, the Head Mod will inform the all necessary parties (i.e., other Head Mods and Yana) of the meeting time.


During the meeting, the Head Mods will go over the Mod Code of Conduct with the applicant and establish how things work on the mod team. They will carefully explain all the tools and procedures of the team so that they can quickly and efficiently be able to start working with the rest of the mods as seamlessly as possible. 

Assigning Roles:

After the training is complete, if the applicant is still interested, then the Head Mod will assign the Floof Mod role along with their specialty moderation role to them in the Discord. The Head Mod will also be sure to inform Yana if any additional moderation status needs to be added on other sites (i.e., Twitch). 

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